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Souderton Athletics

Souderton Area High School


Souderton Athletics

Souderton Area High School

Souderton Athletics

Souderton Area High School

Souderton Athletics

Souderton Area High School

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Posted 10.0 months ago @ 8:08AM

Souderton Area High School New Athletic Ticketing Process

Souderton Area High School Athletics Ticketing Guidelines


- Student Admission- $5

- Adult Admission- $6

B/G Soccer, Field Hockey, B/G Wrestling, B/G Basketball, B/G Lacrosse

- Student Admission- Free

- Adult Admission- $6

- Charged for events after 5:00pm

o Ticket Sellers will begin charging at 4:30pm

Hometown Ticketing

- All tickets will be purchased online

- No cash sales available

- Family passes are still available and will be purchased online


Admission Fee FAQ’s

Where do the proceeds from tickets go?

· All ticket proceeds go to the GENERAL FUND, which in turn funds our Athletic Budget. The Athletic Budget funds equipment, officials, coaching salaries, transportation, etc.


Why do we charge for some sports but not others?

· The sports that we charge admission for are in accordance with our Suburban One Opponents.


Who decides what the admission fee is for PIAA events?

· The PIAA determines the admission fee charged at all District One events. This includes Districts and Playoff matches. All PIAA admission fees will be announced prior to the event. Please check the Souderton Athletics Website or contact the athletic office with questions about this fee leading up to the event.

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