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Souderton Athletics

Souderton Area High School


Souderton Athletics

Souderton Area High School

Souderton Athletics

Souderton Area High School

Souderton Athletics

Souderton Area High School


Frequently Asked Questions

What paperwork does my student-athlete need in order to participate on an Athletic team?

  • Registration on (FOR EVERY SEASON)
  • CIPPE -   Must complete page 7 at the start of the first sport season.

How can I purchase Student Accident Insurance?

The Souderton Area School District is pleased to offer student accident insurance coverage to its families. For information regarding the policy and coverage, as well as the required forms, please use the links below. There are also limited printed copies available in each school office. Questions regarding this insurance may be directed to Univest Insurance, Inc. at 215-362-7000 or the District’s Business Department at 215-723-6061. For more information, please see the Student Accident Insurance Web page.

When are PIAA physicals needed in order to participate in a seasonal sport?

  • All physicals for the upcoming school year must be performed after June 1 to be accepted.

Prior to the start of each subsequent sport season, in the same school year, page 7 of the CIPPE Form* (PDF) needs to be completed.

When is the athletic paperwork due?

In order to be able to participate in any sport at SAHS, all athletic paperwork must be fully completed prior to the first day of practice.

Paperwork due dates:

  • Fall - August 1
  • Winter - November 1
  • Spring - March 1

When does each sport season begin their practices?

Practice start dates for 2023-2024 school year

  • Fall - August 14, 2023
  • Winter - November 17, 2023
  • Spring - March 5, 2024

When are the mandatory student-athlete pre-season meetings?

Pre-season meeting dates for all athletes school year will be held on the first official day of the season in the AUDITORIUM

How do I get Coach Information?

Please contact the athletic office for your coach's email address. 

When are team selections?

Generally, the teams are selected with in the first week of practice.

How may payment for the activity fee be made?

You can pay online by major credit card or by debit card at

You can pay by check or money order by downloading the following SAHS Activity Fee Form(PDF). Please write the student’s name and activity/club/sport in the memo portion of the check.

How do I find Sport Schedules?

Refer to , Select your sport season and team to view a team specific schedule. To view day by day schedule, select Calendar on the main selection menu and choose a date to see all events happening that day. 

How will I know when there are changes made to the schedule?

The Web site will always be running the most current schedules. If a change is made the day of the event and you are subscribed to SASD's  Athletic Announcements mailing list, you will receive an e-mail when the change is made.

How and when are Uniforms collected after the season is over?

The coaches will tell you when and where they will be collecting the uniforms. Generally it is one day after school. If you are not able to make the uniform turn in day, please be sure to tell the coach so he/she can make other arrangements for you.

You are responsible for your uniform and any equipment issued to you. If not returned it becomes a financial obligation.

*Please note that uniforms are NOT to be turned in to the Athletic Office.

Are college athletic scholarships acknowledged?

Every April, the Souderton Athletic Department hosts a press conference in the auditorium to honor and recognize our student-athletes who have committed to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Any such student-athlete, having signed an official NCAA Letter of Intent to Division 1, 2 or 3 school, should contact the Athletic Director prior to April 1st of their senior year.

How do I get tickets to home Souderton events?

All tickets must be purchased in advance through HomeTown Ticketing. NO CASH SALES. 

Family Passes will be available on HomeTown Ticketing.

PIAA District One playoff event prices are not determined by the Souderton Athletic Office. Prices will be announced prior to the event via e-mail or posted on the Athletic Office's home Web page.